About Kyler Eco Jewelry

Our motto is ecological responsibility without sacrifice of quality or your fabulous sense of style. Kyler by Joy O creates sustainable designer necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with eco-friendly incentives driving material choices, and so, design. When both style and sustainability are made equal priorities, design thrives. That’s what we found when we took the leap from simply maintaining an ethical green workplace, to making sustainable style the core of our business.

Acknowledging our environmental impact started by considering the steps we took to create a green workplace at our studio in San Francisco, California. From there, the core of our design and materials choices, production methods, supplier network, workplace; over time, we found our focus shifting into a comprehensive eco-friendly vision. We’ve found that utilizing environmentally friendly resources contributes to design quality; encouraging us to think in new ways and see alternative methods of production as improvements to style and quality. The result is conscious eco jewelry and special attention to modern jewelry trends that we are proud to offer and you can feel good about wearing.

Our Design Process, Materials + Production:

Our motto is ecological responsibility without sacrifice of quality or style. We source all materials for Kyler designs in the US, to boost our national and local economy, and where we can feel confident that each supplier provides ethical work facilities, fair wages and labor practices. Our jewelry is made to be heirloom quality, also utilizing materials with recycled content.

The first facet of our approach is: reduce.
The first facet of our approach is: reduce.
Our pendant pieces are conceived to use the minimal amount of material and energy resources to successfully create a piece of jewelry with timeless style and enduring quality. We endeavor to create styles that can be worn day in to night, season into season, year after year. Through careful consideration of the design, materials, and construction of our modern jewelry, we create products that are not meant to be disposable and that will not enter the waste stream for generations, if ever.

The second facet is: reuse.
Our jewelry is comprised of three types of materials, with an emphasis on choosing materials from recycled sources. All materials used are lead-free for your safety. All Kyler metal components are 100% USA manufactured, from metal creation through final fabrication, into Kyler’s modern jewelry. As a sustainable jeweler, we chose to work with steel due to several factors – it is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, naturally beautiful in it’s raw state, and is the most recycled material on the planet. Greenhouse gas, air, and water emissions resulting from steel manufacturing and recycling are reduced more and more every day, along with the dependence on energy for steel production.

All findings and chains are 100% USA made from heirloom-quality, hypoallergenic nickel-free 14k gold fill and sterling silver, made using metals largely from refined scrap sources. As all metals are highly valuable commodities, the recycling infrastructure is robust. By utilizing gold fill precious metals, Kyler achieves the appearance and endurance of karat gold, while reducing the amount of more rare precious metal needed to achieve the desired style.

The third facet is: recycle.
All waste and scrap materials from our production processes is recycled. Our printed pieces like business cards and invoices are all printed on post-consumer recycled paper with soy inks or using energy-efficient desktop printers. All packaging is recyclable and reusable and our shipping boxes are certified cradle-to-cradle.

Our Green Workplace:

Kyler jewelry really is made by Joy O, in her green workplace environment in San Francisco, California with help from an incredible, if tiny, team of dedicated employees. Our office and jewelry studio are lit by CFL bulbs, primarily warmed by passive solar heating, and have no use of air conditioning systems. We try to take every tiny step to reduce waste – like real cups, plates, and glasses in the kitchen, and cotton, rather than paper, towels for cleaning and drying. We either recycle or compost all office and kitchen waste under San Francisco’s incredibly robust municipal programs. You can expect that your jewelry came straight from this green San Francisco studio, where all labor meets fair US labor work standards, all employees are a part of the local economy, and stopping to enjoy a cup of coffee together never goes unappreciated.